Dropshipping: the best way to delegate logistics management

Anyone familiar with current trends knows that online sales are increasingly becoming the preferred form of consumption by international audiences.Of course, this greater demand from consumers has caused market logics to change and adapt to new realities, which has translated into a significant increase in the number of online stores available.The increase in the number of online shops on the Internet means, on the one hand, a wider range of choices for the consumer but, on the other hand, it also means that the shops that emerge face more challenges, with more closed and intense competitive logic.Competition from digital markets is something that a 21st century entrepreneur knows he will face if he decides to open his own online store. In fact, figures presented relatively recently by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE) indicate that, among the multiple online stores that appear in Brazil, 60ntra in bankruptcy in the first year, and this statistic increases by 20% when considering the first 18 months.Contrary to this statistic is not easy but it is possible. To do so, however, it is extremely important to invest in e-marketing and promoting the company created by all possible means: a job that is time-consuming and not always simple.There are ways to ensure that you have more time to devote to creating a strong identity for your company and promoting it to the target audience(s). One of them is to bet on the opening of a store that follows the Dropshipping structure.Come and find out what Dropshipping is and what advantages this system can have for you.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the new concepts created in the digital world and it is a service offered by some sites, with Oberlo, to create a more effective strategy in the management of online stores, allowing them to improve their chances of success.Being an e-commerce strategy, this type of platform will allow the entrepreneur to delegate all the logistics management of his store and will give him the possibility to invest his time and effort in key aspects of business success such as the structural identity of a brand or its promotion and advertising.This type of service may not be suitable for all types of digital services, but it is undoubtedly a great ally of online stores, especially when their entrepreneurs do not have very large funds to invest in the company.

For those who do not have a way to make very large investments, this will be a way to ensure less risk, since it reduces the need to make the initial investment in stocks or storage space for the products you want to sell before you actually know what the public will have and the receptivity of it.We will then see what the effective advantages of Dropshipping are.

What are the advantages of Dropshipping?

For those who explore the options of e-commerce with online stores, Dropshipping can undoubtedly be an interesting business strategy, which allows exploring the universe of online sales, keeping the focus on imging, marketing techniques and making the store sales profitable.This type of structure has several advantages for today's entrepreneurs, since it allows the complete delegation of the entire logistics management, freeing up time, ensuring compliance with logistics issues, improving services and reducing initial investment.In terms of investment, the whole process of delivery of products is done between your supplier and the customer, by direct shipment, will start by saving money on the investment in stock that has no guarantee that it will drain and a warehouse to store this same stock. In addition, you will also be saving all the time related to logistics issues, leaving the hired partner with all the responsibility from the packaging of the product until its shipment.With more time to optimise sales and work on your brand's dissemination strategies; and without the concerns related to the more technical parts, it will become possible to be more dedicated to what really matters: your vision for the brand, the contact with the public, the dissemination of the company and the management of social networks.This way, Dropshipping emerges as one of the great allies of today for online stores, helping to ensure that you can present your customers with the best products, at inviting prices, ensuring that they arrive on time and safely, without having to worry about anything other than promoting your brand.

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