Five stories about casinos

The world of casinos is full of fascinating anecdotes. Slots, roulette or cards can change a person's life forever, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. This time we tell you five true stories that even the best Hollywood writers would not have dared to imagine. Five stories that are already part of the most famous casino legends.

Win almost 200,000 euros with a bet of only...60 centsA

man won the top prize of a slot machine, 189,307 euros, with a bet of only 60 cents.

The event took place in france in 2017, at the Casino Barrière in Lille, in September 2017.To celebrate, the Casino management presented the lucky man with champagne. His bet deserved it!

The day the number 7 came out 6 times in a row at rouletteOn

July 14, 2000, at the legendary casino Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, an incredible event took place that defies the law of statistics. Players of one of the roulettes witnessed how the number seven came out six times in a row. The probability of this happening is approximately three million.

The croupier confessed in astonishment that in 27 years of his career he had never seen anything like it! He

wins two jackpots in a row within two monthsIn

April 2021 a thirty year old Frenchman won a jackpot of 1.6 million euros at the Casino Vichy and in June of the same year he won another jackpot of 911,509.75 at the Casino Palavas. In total he pocketed 2,511,509.75 euros in just two months! He

sells everything he has to play roulette and... ganaRevell

is a British man who has become famous in the world of casinos, and it's no wonder. In 2004 he made the most risky bet of his life.

He sold all his belongings: his house, his car, his valuables and even his clothes and played red all the money he had obtained from the sale (135.300 dollars) in a Las Vegas roulette. In this case, his risky bet obtained a good reward, since he managed to double the money played and pocketed the amount of $270,600.

A multimillionaire causes a casino to go bankrupt with his bet This

is, without a doubt, the most fascinating story. In 1990 an Australian billionaire caused a casino to go bankrupt. Kerry Packer used to bet large sums of money playing Blackjack.

This earned him the nickname "Prince of the Whales", since this is how the great players are called in English. Throughout her life, Kerry Packer lost huge amounts of money. However, he will always be remembered for a winning bet. The feat occurred in the casino "Aspinalls Club" in London in the distant year of 1990.

On that occasion, Kerry Packer won the biggest prize in the casino, pocketing the sum of $350,000. This meant the bankruptcy of the establishment that was forced to close its doors forever a week later.

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