Product reviews are the most influential content among sports nutrition consumers

There is nothing like a complete product review to generate influence over a certain consumer segment. In particular, in the environment of sport and nutrition, product reviews have become references for consumers to choose the products they will eventually purchase. This is expressed in the statistics on this phenomenon. Normally these reviews are either on the brands' own websites or on pages and blogs of reference in the sector that users consider to be authentic Bibles in terms of their attitude of reference.

In real life there is nothing like word of mouth to attract attention to the purchase of a certain product. A review is the most similar in the digital environment. Reviews by fellow sportsmen or team members are one of the most important factors for consumers. They drive the search and selection of certain products and services.

Therefore, a review with several sections, which highlights the pros and cons of using a certain product, which makes a score and which puts itself in the place of the final consumer by answering the questions that the reader could ask, is the most important factor in the digital environment. Another of the most influential indicators of the studies is to have a section of questions and answers on the web, having questions of a common type will serve the potential client to respond in the same space with many of the questions that he himself has. The viewing of videos is another of the options preferred by Internet users who consume sports products, since visual explanations are much more enjoyable. Following with attraction formulas, and with a little less influence, there are attractive photos and user forums where they can give their opinion, propose and participate, these well moderated forums are always a useful tool.

Actions such as blogs or podcasts with a correct periodicity in terms of their use are also valued, although never as much as the is also curious the low incidence of social networks in terms of the power of attraction of brands. They have a greater effect on branding than on final sales. Only a minority of consumers admit to being influenced by the opinions published in social networks. Among them, Facebook is the most influential social network.

As for the opinions that can be included through specific apps in the sports sector, they are also influential and valued by users, although it is still an area that companies are not using much. In terms of apps, those products and services that have the possibility of benefiting from discount coupons are especially popular with users, since whatever the sector, every consumer likes to make savings.

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