The potential of dropshipping

Have you ever heard of dropshipping ? If you're looking to start a side business that allows you to supplement your income and gives you a good deal of satisfaction, you could take advantage of dropshipping, an online practice that is very similar to what e-commerce does, but that doesn't require you to manage suppliers, goods, inventory and shipping. Dropshipping is a real business model focused on e-commerce, which provides the only initial investment is the creation of a site to be used for sales. If you are curious about this online business idea click here.

The importance of the right supplier


is an increasingly popular solution among sellers who are interested in offering items that are not physically present in their stores, but are made available to potential buyers through special agreements. This means that the owner of an online store simply acts as an intermediary between supplier and consumer, without having to worry about finding and delivering the product.

In order to create a successful online store, it is necessary to focus on two different aspects:

  • develop a valid marketing strategy , which allows you to identify and attract customers belonging to a specific niche, using for this purpose services that improve the positioning of the site, advertising campaigns on Google, Instagram, Facebook
  • Look for a reliable supplier who is able to take care independently of important elements such as warehouse management, storage of goods, inventory of available products, dispatch of orders, etc.
The solution to this last need is called Oberlo , the website that helps you easily manage your online store. How? In the simplest and most straightforward way possible. First of all, it will find products for you to sell to your customers. Thanks to the website's showcase, you will be able to discover millions of different items; of course, you should opt for items that can satisfy the tastes and needs of the niche you want to address (clothing for him or her, furniture, sporting goods, cosmetics, technology and much more).

Thanks to the dedicated extension (compatible with Chrome), you can add to your store all the products you want, selecting them directly from AliExpress. Moreover, the extension will automate every process, including order processing. In this way, you'll be able to focus exclusively on increasing your sales. Obviously, each item has its own price: you'll be asked to assign a price that reflects the market standards, with the possibility to change it whenever you want.

Once you've identified your target niche, you'll need to focus on marketing, the real driving force behind dropshipping. It's impossible to succeed in online sales without taking advantage of the benefits of marketing. Here are some valuable tips!

Marketing applied to dropshipping: everything you need to know!

The first goal of anyone who wants to get into the good graces of their audience is to understand what their audience is looking for. How do you know what customers want and what their needs are? By scrolling through posts on forums, competing sites and social networks.

Intercepting their needs is key to offering them what they are looking for and at the right price. But what is the absolute value that is impossible to ignore? In one word, content. Creating content that offers value, flowing and engaging is fundamental. Being among the most knowledgeable regarding a particular product category will help build your audience's trust in the seller.

Of course, content doesn't just mean articles. Content also means videos, ebooks, infographics, and podcasts. Moreover, with the right posts, you can also increase your following on various social media outlets. When someone follows a company or store on social media, it means they are just a few clicks away from completing a purchase.

That's why it will be useful to involve as many people as possible, interact with them, answer their questions and, above all, attract them to your pages. How? An easy and intuitive way is to add social buttons to your website. It is equally important to offer discounts and promotions at regular intervals, or to customers who are willing to leave their email address or sign up for your newsletter. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is forgetting to optimize your ecommerce for mobile devices.

In recent years, mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing and not taking advantage of this would be a huge mistake. In concrete terms, this means that all buttons should be clickable, content should be easy to read, and pages should scroll smoothly. One way to check if a site is optimized for mobile devices? The Mobile Friendly Test offered by Google.

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